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1PD - The Better Analytics Way

We are the insights brains that connects your marketing channels with your website data and CRM.

We’ll provide you with insights that enable you to achieve repeatable and continuous growth with 6 templates, based on reliable and unbiased data that belongs to you.

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Organic Conversions

Unlock increased traffic, sales, and sign-ups through organic channels. We provide insights into customer searches and consumed content that drive product sales. Utilize this information to craft compelling content, optimize the path to purchase, and execute targeted PPC campaigns.

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Ecommerce Insights

Enhance your marketing spend efficiency through customer journey attribution. We unveil the customer's path to purchase and highlight campaigns driving specific product checkouts. Utilize this information to refine your sales funnel, set campaign budgets, and manage your channel mix for a more balanced approach.

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Offline Conversions

Maximize the impact of your digital marketing budget on in-store sales. We reveal the cause & effect between digital marketing expenditure and in-store sales. Leverage this information for strategic category promotions, personalized creatives, and precise campaign targeting.


Customer LTV Analysis

Boost the frequency and recency of purchases while elevating overall customer profitability. We identify profitable customer segments, assess churn risks, and pinpoint opportunities for increased repurchasing. Integrate this data into your EDM system to foster continued growth and stronger relationships with your customers.


PMax Insights

Gain transparency and insights into Performance Max campaigns to enhance your marketing ROI. We illustrate how Google allocates your budget across channels, product groups, and audience targeting, empowering you to optimize your Performance Max campaigns.

Online Shopping

Customer Purchase Journey

Drive more repurchases of profitable products with insights into customers' product purchase journeys. Understand their progression from initial purchases to more profitable reorders. Utilize this information to tailor the best offers and determine optimal promotional timing for increased customer retention and revenue.

What you get


Dedicated Marketing Strategist & Analyst


Tailored Dashboard for your key metrics


Insights & Recommendations


Monthly Business Discovery Sessions


Branded Reports




  • Select from 1 Template

  • Seamless Integration from 1 Source System

  • Monthly Insight

  • Dedicated Resource (1 Day/Month)

  • Email Support

  • Brand Revenue Up to $100K/Month

  • Systems integration & data cleaning fee


  • Select from 3 Templates

  • Seamless Integration from Two Source Systems

  • Monthly Insight

  • Marketing Recommendation Session

  • Dedicated Resource (2 Days/Month)

  • 24x7 Premium Support

  • Brand Revenue Up to 200K/Month

  • Systems integration & data cleaning fee


  • Select from 3 Templates

  • Seamless Integration from Two Source Systems

  • Weekly Work-in-Progress Updates

  • Monthly Insight

  • Business Recommendation Session

  • White Label Report

  • Dedicated Resource (Four Days/Month)

  • Premium Hotline Support

  • Secured Data Access for DIY Reporting

  • Brand Revenue Up to $500K/Month

  • Free systems integration & data cleaning set-up

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Our in-depth analysis delves into your business, assesses your competitors, and benchmarks your marketing performance.


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About You: We aim to collaborate with individuals who recognize that true competitive advantage stems from intelligent analytics. Let's work together to unlock the full potential of your business.

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Our Happy Clients

"1PD is actually giving me real information. I love the insights from 1PD's customer journey. We found that it's extremely important to get the channel mix right, so knowing where traffic was from and how impacted other channels allowed us to invest more heavily in the right ads channels."

Charlie Wood, Co-founder, Vitadrop

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