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About Us

My name is Tim and I'm one of the co-founders of 1PD.

I've been a passionate data-driven marketer for nearly 10 years, helping people like yourself understand your data better and making more informed decisions.

1PD is a passion project where my business partner and I and our team of developers help you find the right insights to propel you to the next stage of growth.

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We are an ad tech company who grew out of the data services arm of a digital marketing agency in Australia. The idea of Customer Journey platform came from client's demand came from two areas.  The need for clearer accountability on marketing ROI.  Secondly, the demand for solid data called for smarter marketing strategy and in programmatic advertising decisions.  The Customer Journey platform was the result of proven in-house technology that can be applied and benefit for both clients and digital agencies. Data has always been at the heart our business.  We are now one of a select few companies that is helping clients to build their first party data.  

Our Happy Clients

"1PD is actually giving me real information. I love the insights from 1PD's customer journey. We found that it's extremely important to get the channel mix right, so knowing where traffic was from and how impacted other channels allowed us to invest more heavily in the right ads channels."

Charlie Wood, Co-founder, Vitadrop

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