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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains our policy regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and protection of personal information we receive through your use of the 1PD (the App).

1.  What systems does 1PD access and what is the purpose

The App provides you with business insight when you access and aggregate information from the following systems

  • e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento,  Woocommerce (the Store)

  • marketing and digital advertising platforms, such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Klaviyo  which may contain information regarding the marketing operations of your business (Platforms)

  • and your websites, which may contain information regarding the ecommerce operations of your business such as product, category, pricing, sales, and inventory (the Website.)

By using this aggregate information, 1PD is able to give you an overview of your business, the impact of marketing on revenue, costs, and profits.

Access to the 1PD service is subject to your consent to the terms and conditions set out in this document.

2. Types of store & platform information 1PD collects

When you install the App, 1PD automatically access certain types of information from your applicable Store, Website, and Platform accounts:

  • website traffic – visitors, traffic, page interactions, and ecommerce conversions

  • ecommerce Store Properties – store setting, information and metadata as configured by the store owner

  • item products – data on all of your store’s products including variants data and inventory details

  • orders – data on all orders made in your store

  • customers – your customers’ customer_id as recorded on ecommerce Store  (see below)

  • Facebook Marketing API – marketing statistics from your Facebook Marketing account

  • Google ads API – marketing statistics from your Google Ads Account

  • Youtube ads API  – marketing statistics from your Youtube Ads Account

3. What Personal identification information (PII) data does 1PD collects?

3.1 client-data

1PD collects an anonymised id – the customer_id, of your customer.  This is collected from your ecommerce system. For example, on Shopify platform, 1PD accesses Level 0 of your customer data. The customer_id is a unique number that does not carry any personal information.  However, it can be used by you to ‘lookup’ a specific individual on the ecommerce system.

3.2 1PD-user Data

IPD collects your PII in order for you to use the 1PD service.  This included your or your company’s contact information, account setting, usage history, and contractual and billing details, which are required to facilitate the security access, platform usage, account administration, and billing operations of 1PD.

4. What information is shared by 1PD

We may share this 1PD-user data with members of our corporate family, third-party vendors, service providers, or required by law in your domicile country, government, regulatory or law enforcement, or security agencies of 1PD’s operating jurisdiction.

We also analyze all information we received and compile statistical information across a variety of users (“Statistical Information”).

Statistical Information helps 1PD to understand trends and user needs so that new products and services can be planned and developed.

Statistical Information does not indicate individuals’ identities, and we will not link Statistical Information to any Personal Information. We may share Statistical Information with our partners, without restriction, on commercial terms that we can determine at our sole discretion.

5. How does 1PD protect Information?

We follow industry the latest standards to protect your information. We adopt the data protection provided by Amazon. This included protection in the transmission process and safe keeping of your Information.   Both of these will include some form of data encryption.  Read here for more technical descriptions.

6. How long does 1PD retain my data

6.1  Client-data

1PD retains client data on behalf of our Clients, based on our commercial agreement. On the completion of the commercial agreement, all data collected by 1PD will be removed.  This removal process will occur within 60 days of completion of the commercial agreement.   The data to be removed included

  • website traffic data

  • ecommerce Store data

  • item products data

  • orders history

  • any reference to customer_id

  • Facebook Marketing data

  • Google ads data

  • Youtube ads data

  • reports, analysis, and insights generated or prepared by 1PD

Please note, once data or reports are removed, it could not be restored.

6.2  1PD-user-data

1PD-user-data refers to your account sign-in and the contractual and commercial arrangement between you and 1PD.     1PD retains 1PD-user-data for the duration we are providing service to you, plus 12 months in order for 1PD to discharge our taxation, and securities regulator’s obligation.

1PD may extend retention of 1PD-client-data in order to expand our relationship beyond our initial service contract engagement.

7. Customer consent, opt-out

1PD collects sale orders from your ecommerce store.  This included orders, order items, and product category information associated with a unique Customer_id.

You can request 1PD to stop collecting or removing Customers’ data at any time by providing a list of Opt-out customer_id.    Opt-out requests can be sent to, with the word opt-out in the subject line.

Please that some metrics, insight or features may not be available if a significant amount of this opt-out data is removed.

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